Director: Brian Seed, PhD
DNA Sequencing
Stephen Belmonte
Phone: 617 726-0083
Fax: 617 726-0077
DNA Synthesis
Andy Moeller
Phone:(617) 726-7901
Fax: 617 726-0077
Automation & siRNA Screening
John Darga
Facilities & Billing:
David Levin
Phone: 617 726-5901
Fax: 617 726-0077

Services Provided:
The Molecular Biology core provides rapid turnaround services for DNA sequencing and oligonucleotide synthesis (, as well as support for projects that require research laboratory automation, such as siRNA screens and transcript abundance profiling. The core also offers experimental design and advice for automation and high throughput screening of siRNA collections based on the Ambion siRNA collection.

The Molecular Biology core is also the docking core for the relationship between the
BADERC and the Broad Institute. Because the Broad Institute has unique
capabilities but a limited ability to extend those to a large community, BADERC
and Broad directors have agreed upon a unique relationship affording BADERC
diabetes research investigators a mechanism for the conduct of high impact
research that requires unusual resources in a collaborative setting. The Broad
Institute component has the challenge of meeting "exceptional needs," that is,
projects of such scope and potential impact that they merit a collaborative
effort by Broad technology platform leaders and BADERC investigators. To access
the exceptional needs component, BADERC investigators should contact the BADERC
or Associate Director for Cores and outline the desired project.
Proposals will be presented to a steering committee composed of two BADERC and
two Broad representatives, who will pass on the appropriateness of the proposal.

We anticipate facilitating between 10 to 12 projects a year and plan to
underwrite supply costs on the order of $5000 per project annually, depending on
demand. We recognize that some projects may have larger scope than others and
propose that, rather than fixing a specific level, the steering committee will
adjudicate project support for consumables, etc., based on scientific interest
and feasibility.


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